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various articles on the future of the future

   Computers are getting faster and smarter every year- while people stumble along running the same old "operating system" which served us well on the plains of the Serengeti, but hasn't changed in a few millennia. So one day, the computers must pull ahead....... This article first appeared in WIRED 3.03 March 1994, entitled Faded Genes.

     There is endless hype surrounding the growth of the Internet, let alone any business printing a gratuitous URL on a cracker box or a magazine ad. Before investing your hard earned cash in long term positions on Internet stocks- you might want to read this piece entitled Collision in Cyberspace written in early 1996.

      "Faded Genes" takes place in 2088, while"Collision in Cyberspace" viewed the end of the late 90's. But the hardest predictions to make live half a generation away- who would have predicted the a walk on the moon in 1969, before the age of flying machines in the 1910's? And who would have predicted the last moon walk occurred thirty years ago-shouldn't space exploration have continued unabated?

     These essays contain predictions that are, well, predicted to be true by 2025. To arrive at these hopefully provocative and interesting stream of prognostications, I use a combination of mathematical extrapolations, analogies with the past, trust in the constancy of human behavior, and just plain intuition.

     I hope to live at least to 2025, so unlike Nostradamus, we can both rigorously calculate a batting average based on actual results. And the predictions will be clear and precise- not mired in rhyme and mystical allusions.

     Some of these predictions first appeared in print, others are unique to this web site.

     I'll add a new prediction whenever I find the time, and keep score along the way. Until then, try inventing the future by solving these vexing problems.

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