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     What is the most effective way to fight terrorism? More bombs? More spies? More Homeland security? In an article that appeared in the April 2002 issue of Technology Review, an alternate solution suggests immobilizing terrorists by denying them the tools and targets of their trade. A slightly longer, less tightly edited version of the Technology Review article can be found here in "Robbing Terrorists".

     Where do new ideas come from? Why are some industries more innovative than others? Can mere users envision the future of technology, or are they hopelessly mired in the paradigms of the present?. "No User Parts Inside" debunks the common (and often self-serving) belief that users cannot invent the future because they lack proper technical insights (a slightly edited version of this article first appeared in the New York Times September 1998).
     One telling counterpoint to this fallacy was the 1993 student contest sponsored by Bell Labs to design a "personal communicator". Children, unencumbered by the tyranny of what-is-known, created a charming and insightful set of what-is-possible.....

     Is the Internet growing without bound? Why did advertising supported web sites and dot.com business plans fail so miserably? See these predictions from the 1999 Advertising Research Foundation keynote address on Internet trends and myths.

    Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution merely a "theory", or a "law" of nature? Why is this well supported insight so hard for many to believe? See this article for a potential answer.

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