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selected technical publications

Please see the "writings" tab above for a complete list of blog postings and published general interest articles covering a wide variety of subjects. A listing of my numerous public and private talks is not available on this site.

  • A Self-Aligned Optical Subassembly For Multimode Devices, Dautartas MF; Blonder GE; Wong YH; Chen YC, IEEE Transactions On Components Packaging And Manufacturing Technology Part B-Advanced Packaging, 1995, V18, N3 (Aug), p552-557.
  • A Silicon-based Moving-Mirror Optical Switch, Dautartas MF; Benzoni AM; Chen YC; Blonder GE; Johnson BH; Paola,CR; Rice E; Wong YH, Journal Of Lightwave Technology, 1992, V10, N8 (Aug), p1078-1083.
  • Noninvasive Detection Of Changes In Membrane-Potential In Cultured Neurons By Light-scattering, Stepnoski RA; Laporta A; Raccuia-Behling F; Blonder GE; Slusher, RE; Kleinfeld D, Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America, 1991, V88, N21, p9382-9386.
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Studies Of MeV Erbium Implanted Silica Glass, Lidgard A; Polman A; Jacobsen DC; Blonder GE; Kistler R; Poate JM; Becker PC, Electronics Letters, 1991, V27, N11, p993-995.
  • Interconnection Processes And Materials, Blonder GE; Gottscho RA; Tai KL, AT&T Technical Journal, 1990, V69, N6, p46-59.
  • Measurement Of Very Low-loss Silica On Silicon Wave-guides With A Ring Resonator, Adar R; Shani Y; Henry CH; Kistler RC; Blonder GE; Olsson NA, Applied Physics Letters, 1991, V58, N5, p444-445.
  • 1.54 Ám Room-Temperature Luminescence Of MeV Erbium Implanted Silica Glass, Polman A; Lidgard A; Jacobson DC; Becker PC; Kistler RC; Blonder GE; Poate JM, Applied Physics Letters, 1990, V57, N26, p2859-2861.
  • Physical-mechanisms Underlying Neurite Outgrowth - A Quantitative-Analysis Of Neuronal Shape - Comment, Kleinfeld D; Raccuia-Behling F; Blonder GE, Physical Review Letters, 1990, V65, N24, p3064.
  • High Index Contrast Mirrors For Optical Microcavities, Ho ST; McCall SL; Slusher RE; Pfeiffer LN; West KW; Levi AFJ; Blonder GE; Jewell JL, Applied Physics Letters, 1990, V57, N14, p1387-1389.
  • Real-time Detection Of Electrical-Activity In Cultured Neurons Via Changes In Their Intrinsic Optical-Properties, Stepnoski RA; Blonder GE; Raccuia-Behling F; Laporta A; Slusher, RE; Kleinfeld D, Biophysical Journal, 1990, V57, N2, p375.
  • Glass Wave-guides On Silicon For Hybrid Optical Packaging, Henry CH; Blonder GE; Kazarinov RF, Journal Of Lightwave Technology, 1989, V7, N10, p1530-1539.
  • Nucleation Considerations In The Wavelength-Dependent Activation Selectivity Of Aluminum Chemical-Vapor Deposition, Higashi GS; Blonder GE; Fleming CG; McCrary VR; Donnelly VM, Journal Of Vacuum Science & Technology B-Microelectronics Processing And Phenomena, 1987, V5, N5, p1441-1443
  • Laser Projection Patterned Deposition Of Aluminum For Integrated-Circuit Applications, Blonder GE; Higashi GS; Fleming CG, Journal Of Electronic Materials, 1987, V16, N4, p6.
  • Single-fiber pressure sensor for biomedical applications,R. A. LIEBERMAN, G. E. BLONDER, and S. C. TIGHE, in Optical Fiber Communication, 1987 OSA Technical Digest Series (Optical Society of America, 1987), paper TUI6.
  • Laser Projection Patterned Aluminum Metallization For Integrated-Circuit Applications, Blonder GE; Higashi GS; Fleming CG, Applied Physics Letters, 1987, V50, N12, p766-768.
  • Simple-model For Etching, Blonder GE, Physical Review B-Condensed Matter, 1986, V33, N9, p6157-6168.
  • Optical-recording Applications Of Reactive Ion-Beam Sputter Deposited Thin-film Composites, Hebard AF; Blonder GE; Suh SY, Applied Physics Letters, 1984, V44, N11, p1023-1025.
  • Subharmonic Energy-gap Structure In Superconducting Constrictions, Octavio M; Tinkham M; Blonder GE; Klapwijk TM, Physical Review B-Condensed Matter, 1983, V27, N11, p6739-6746.
  • Metallic To Tunneling Transition In Cu-Nb Point Contacts, Blonder GE; Tinkham M, Physical Review B-Condensed Matter, 1983, V27, N1, p112-118.
  • Explanation Of Sub-harmonic Energy-gap Structure In Superconducting Contacts, Klapwijk TM; Blonder GE; Tinkham M, Physica B&C, 1982, V110, N1-3, p1657-1664.
  • Transition From Metallic To Tunneling Regimes In Superconducting Micro-constrictions - Excess Current, Charge Imbalance, And Super-Current Conversion, Blonder GE; Tinkham M; Klapwijk TM, Physical Review B-Condensed Matter, 1982, V25, N7, p4515-4532.


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